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Why Anti Slip Tiles are A Must in Supermalls?

With the development of technology, the world has started to build big houses and massive shopping malls, and so many others. We don’t ever contemplate how many specifics need to be taken care of and considered behind such projects. Beginning from architectural projects to every fire exit we need; all need the right attention. Among the most crucial points to be considered for such building projects is slippery floors and such floors could be very unsafe.

If you happen to visit a supermall you would see the majority of them have slippery floors and people need to be particularly careful about stepping on them. Especially kids and older individuals are more susceptible to slipping and falling on these surfaces. To prevent accidents due to slipping and falls, these supermalls need to take safety measures and utilize anti slip tiles and floor coating.

Anti Slip Tiles and the Importance of Coating

It is important to take a look at the important details of using slip resistance tiles and floor coating. Epoxy on slip coating is among the best ways to avoid falls because of slippery surfaces. This is a kind of paint that is very easy to use and comes in various colors, too. It could be applied both outdoors and indoors.

There are various constraints too when it comes to using such anti-slip floor coatings. In case the surface on which you plan to apply it has the propensity to tolerate the rising moisture. Then, the coating would be ruined. Again, if the neighboring relative humidity is more than 75% at the time of application, then also some troubles might appear. Also, the same thing could happen in areas that have temperatures of less than 10ºC.

Two approaches for slip-resistant floor coating:

1) The coating should be applied in steps in order until the original floor can no longer be seen. For this, quartz aggregate is utilized. It should be taken care of so that there will be no lump of aggregate that will be left right after applying it. When it has been applied, the floor needs to be left to dry. Then, the loose aggregate on the surface should be eliminated. In case some of the loose parts could not be moved, then it needs to be guaranteed that it will blend with the surface.

2) This technique makes use of a self-leveling layer to be the first coat. Then the aggregates should be scattered onto it. Right after this, one more layer of coating is needed as your final touch.

Consequently, the supermalls are often the places where so many people can go around safely and freely in case the mall management will just take some small but substantial actions towards the use of an anti-slip floor coating.

With such an option available, it feels good to know that there are many ways to protect the safety of people from any accidents that could happen due to slippery floors. With slip-resistant floors in supermalls, everyone can go shopping safely and happily.

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