Brick Wall Tiles

The Timeless Beauty of Brick Tiles in Australia Properties

Who wouldn’t love the feel and look that quality brick tiles Australia made can offer? The color and warmth they bring are timeless. Good thing that achieving this has become so easy in today’s time, considering how such type of tiles has become so popular. The best part is it is an efficient and affordable way of upgrading your interior and exterior area.

These tiles are also called as brick veneer or brick slip. Brick tiles are thin pieces of bricks that are applied to a surface, so it gets the look of a real brick wall. Though it does not have enough structural support compared to traditional brick walls, a wall with brick tiles can be very attractive and energy saving as regular brick walls.

How are they Made?


Regular brick wall tiles in Australia are made by baking a clay-molded brick in a kiln. These brick slips are made in between the process by wire cutting slices from a standard brick before it is fired in a kiln. These are called as pre-formed slips. They are also mass-produced.

Since they are being cut from the shape regular bricks, these tiles make use of the same dimensions which is 215mmx65mm. You may purchase thicker tiles like 50mm or as thin as 15mm depending on the manufacturer.


Traditional or reclaimed brick tiles are pre-existing types of bricks. These have been dug and then turned into brick slips. These are considered authentic because each of them comes from real bricks that were naturally exposed and weathered to the elements. These brick slips are sawn from regular bricks and are available in different options, including a stylish white glazed tile found in bars and restaurants.

How do they Work?

Among the many reasons why these brick tiles are very appealing to homeowners and builders is because they are very easy to install. Also, brick slips are often fitted to backing boards that could be tailored for specific surfaces and walls. The tiles are also positioned along the horizontal lines then an adhesive is being applied, and the slips will be set in place. Considering the look that you want to achieve, you have the option to measure the spaces between every panel where the mortar has been applied.

Different Applications

If regular bricks can be used, then a brick tile could be used, too. Brick veneers are best for different applications and rooms. They add to the aesthetic value of the room by creating a natural attractive look. Some of the areas in the home where these tiles can be utilized include the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and even the outside area.

Having these tiles in the mentioned areas will bring a great change in the space. So, if you want to change or improve the look of your space, these tiles are among the best options that you need to consider. The visual appeal that they bring are truly exceptional without you having to spend so much compared to when using other types of tiles. Click here for other types of tiles you can use at home.

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