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The Different Hair Loss Treatments We Have Today

There is a manifold of reasons why female hair loss happens. Each individual case of hair loss issue is unique and could be stemming from one to multiple causes. They could be genetic in nature or brought about by a disrupted hormone level. Sometimes, the gradual thinning of hair and losing significant amounts of it is part and parcel of the natural aging process.

For those who are suffering from the pangs of hair loss issues, the many different kinds of hair loss treatments serve as a silver lining for them. Such treatments may include topical medications, hormone therapy, and if you are well-off, you can opt for expensive hair transplants. However, if what you want to know how to thicken hair the fastest way possible, you might want to consider the use of high-quality hair fibres.

Hormone therapy

If a professional with medical expertise identify hormone imbalances as the primary cause for thinning hair or balding, doctors would suggest that you undergo some form of HRT or hormone replacement therapy which will help rectify the problem. Consequently, it should help in promoting hair growth.

Possible treatments of this kind would include HRT (as suggested above), for either progesterone and estrogen and birth control pills. Other possible solutions could include antiandrogen medications such as spironolactone.

Androgens are qualified hormones. They can expedite hair loss in some women, but the most susceptible to this are those having polycystic ovary syndrome since their bodies tend to produce more androgens.

Antiandrogens, as the name itself suggests, can put an end to the production of androgens and alleviate hair loss from further advancing. But the possibility of side effects will remain with these kinds of medications. Hence, it is highly suggested that you consult your trusted physician about this so you can be educated on what to expect and for you to know also whether antiandrogens are advisable for you to take.

Topical medications

Minoxidil is a popular topical hair grower solution. They are formulated to stimulate hair growth and increase the expected growth cycle of the hair follicles. A few lucky users assert that regular use of minoxidil significantly helped thicken their hair, thus reducing the appearance of widened hair parting.

These products usually come in 2 concentrations, there is a 2% solution where users are required to apply it twice daily on their scalp for best results. On the other hand, there is also the 5% solution which is for daily use.

Hair transplant

If the individual has exhausted all possible and available hair loss treatment in the market, and still nothing yielded positive results then this is the time that hair transplantation procedure can be considered. Such a procedure will involve the extraction of tiny scalp pieces and transplanting them to the thinning and bald areas of the head. In an instant, there is good coverage of hair in the affected area, naturally.

However, not everyone can afford this hair restoration technology. Compared to many other alternatives, hair transplant therapy can be very costly. So if you don’t consider yourself as well off, this may not be a good option for you.

Hair Fibres

The use of hair building fibres to conceal thinning of hair is a cheap and practical alternative. It will instantly give the affected area a good coverage, provided of course that it is not bald since hair fibres need to intertwine with your existing hair strand to become effective. Otherwise, the application of the product is just going to be in vain.

While it can be very alarming to lose significant amounts of hair at a young age, the fact remains that hair loss is a reality that many of us will need to contend with as we advance in age.

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