Pool Accessories For Kiddie Pools

Pool Accessories For Kiddie Pools

As an adult you will most likely remember the best times you ever had as a child were spent swimming in a pool. While there are a variety of different sizes and types of pools, there are also small pools designed exclusively for children. These are known as kiddie pools and are geared towards small children and toddlers.

Most generally the pools are above ground and hold approximately two feet of water. If you have a young child you may want to consider purchasing one for your back yard. If you have a teenager, they may be the perfect pool to wade in and have available to dip your feet in when it is hot.

You may not have thought about it, but there are toys and accessories available that you can purchase for even the smallest of pools. Beyond the pool accessories, make sure you have cleaning supplies and lifesaving devices. Most of the toys designed for kiddie pools state age ranges so, you will need to consider your child’s age and what may or may not be appropriate toys for them to play with.

Pool Accessories For Kiddie Pools

The most important accessory for you to have are life saving devices such as life jackets. Also, there are floats for your children’s arms that will keep them above water. At one time, they were very expensive. However, they have become so popular they can be found almost anywhere including discount stores and department stores.

In addition, there are pool toys that will help your child learn how to swim such as a paddle and board. Your child can hold onto these and kick across the water. Other toys you may want to consider purchasing are swim rings, beach balls and other smaller balls that they can throw and catch.

You will also need cleaning supplies and tools to assist in cleaning the water. A pool skimmer is a great tool to have on hand because it allows you to remove any debris such as leaves, paper and other items from the pool. If the pool is small, you may want to empty it and refill it as needed to keep the water clean. Most smaller pools are easy to drain and fill.

If the pool is inflatable, there are patch kits that you can purchase if you get a small leak. These are great to have on hand. Most pools come with a set of patches, but you may want to buy extra ones to have on hand.

If you plan on or have purchased a pool for your child it is best to think ahead so you have everything you need on hand. After all, you want your child’s early pool experiences to be memorable for everyone.