How to Thicken Hair

How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker?

The usual complain you will hear from a woman who has just made the realization that she is suffering from female hair loss is “Why is my hair falling out? Hair thinning in women is something every girl would be dreadful about. Women associate the level of confidence they have to the volume of their hair.

Therefore, right at the outset of thinning hair in women, their natural tendency is to make a swift action against it and look for possible alternative solutions. This also explains the reason why women in this category would often make a relevant search on the Internet and look for ways on how to make thin hair look thicker.

You can make your hair look thicker in many different ways. Here are some that you may try.

Invest in Very Good Quality Hair Extensions

This option offers you snappy results, meaning to say you can achieve a fuller volume of your hair in an instant. Provided, of course, that your hair extensions will be installed by someone who is professional and has a good level of expertise on this. One possible drawback here is the price tag, they usually come at a hefty amount of $275 to $1,400.

Strategically Tease Your Hair

When it comes to teasing your hair, you don’t necessarily have to sport the look of a 1980’s rock star. If you happen to have locks that tend to fall flat, consider using a rattail comb to tease it. Start teasing from the roots of the hair. 

Take Advantage of Hair Volumizing Products

If you belong to women who are somehow afflicted by female hair loss, the use of thickening or volumizing products for hair will help a lot. These products will go a long way in restoring for you a fuller volume of hair, fast. 

Typical examples in this line are serums, volumizing sprays, gels, mousses. You often apply and leave them on damp hair. They are a better alternative to shampoos and conditions because they tend to give more fullness boost.

Use Ceramic Brush When Blow Drying Hair

Know the right brand of post-shower products and tools to use. They can all help in making a difference towards making your thinning hair look more bouncy and thicker. Taking advantage of a ceramic brush here will help build the volume you want your hair to have during a blowout.  

Hair Dresser Blow Dry
Hair Dresser Blow Drying Client’s Hair

Or Consider Using Hair Building Fibers

What are hair building fibers? They are otherwise known as “hair loss concealers”. While they may not cause your hair to grow back again, they will significantly help in camouflaging thinning hair. Nowadays, this is how most women do to thicken their hair.

Hair thickening fibers can be derived from several different sources including cotton, real human hair, and keratin. You can purchase them in an array of colors that will match the natural color of your hair.

When it comes to the application, it would be as easy as 1-2-3. An applicator bottle is provided upon purchase and you use it to sprinkle the hair fibers as evenly as possible on your hair.  

The hair fibers work because they will intertwine themselves with the existing hair strands of the use. Since hair fibers need existing hair to cling itself to, it will not work with a large bald spot on the head.

Our best suggestion when looking for hair thickening fiber is to look for a brand that makes use of natural ingredients, particularly keratin fibers. Artificial materials can have a detrimental effect on your existing hair.

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