Pool tiles cleaning

General Tips in Caring for Pool Tiles

Pool tiles cleaning

Taking care of your pool tiles is important to enjoying your swimming pool, as well as reducing costs that may be necessary for repairing issues that could have been prevented. Every homeowner needs to commit to the time and effort that are required by such care, since they will also stand to harness the rewards. And if you would like to start now, here are some general tips that are aimed at helping you do that.


Clean your pool tiles properly

It may seem like a simple measure that does not have any lasting effect, but the proper cleaning of your pool tiles can stave off major problems. You see, your swimming pool should be free from dirt or contaminants that can seep into the joints and wreak havoc.

Cleaning your pool tiles should depend on two things: the type of material that you have, and the type of build up it features. If you have ceramic pool tiles, for instance, and they feature white and flakey residue, scrub the dirt off with a nylon bristle brush or a nylon scrub pad. If you have calcium silicate scaling, using a pressure washer or an acid solution is necessary.


Check for damage every so often

It is also important to stay on top of anything that may be happening to the tiles, as well as the other components of your swimming pool. Employ a monthly inspection routine to help alert you to any signs of damage. If your pool gets subjected to a lot of use, as well as extreme weather conditions, this frequency should be upped to twice a month.


Repair any issue as soon as possible

When you do spot these signs, make sure that they are fixed as soon as it is possible. Doing this will help arrest the development of the damage, as well as prevent its escalation into affecting other components of the pool. Additionally, having immediate repairs will help you save on potentially bigger costs down the road.


Commission the right professional help

Finally, get the quality professional assistance that you need and that your swimming pool deserves. For most instances, your installer is also the best resource person to consult when it comes to its care and maintenance. Ask for personalised guidance through every integral part of the pool tiles installation and maintenance process so that you do not miss out on any important measures that you should be doing.