Excess Skin Removal after Weight Loss

Just like with most patients, perhaps you have lost some weight with a goal of boosting your health, at the same time, to lower your risk for diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Just like them, you might have not foreseen the loose skin that happens along with weight loss. In this case, Excess skin removal should be done so you can fully achieve the best results of losing weight. There are some ways that you can do to remove those excess skin.


While you are on a diet, it would be best if you consume a lot of protein. If otherwise, some of the weight that you have lost could be muscle tissues and this should be rebuilt so the skin will have a pumped-up muscle to cover the fat. Be sure to eat enough protein to regain your muscle mass.


This is very important for skin elasticity and to plump up sagging skin. You can do a dehydration test. If you can pick up the skin in your forearm or hand, it means that you are dehydrated and should consume more water. It is recommended to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. Just make sure that you don’t consume too much water also as it can have negative effects on your health.


Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins that can help rebuild skin and its collagen so its stay elastic and firm. Dieters should take at least 1, 000mg of it on a daily basis. This will help build collagen that makes the scaffolding structure of the skin and holds it together. Other types of supplements that can also help would include liquid collagen that you can buy from health food stores. This would help in skin elasticity.

Laser Tightening

The procedure can help tighten loose skin. But, be sure to consult with a plastic surgeon before you decide to have the surgery. This can be a bit expensive, yet the results are often worth it.

Burn Fat

You might be surprised to know that part of sagging skin is due to the fat pockets in it that cause it to hang. This is more evident in the upper or underarm skin and in the inner and upper thighs, waistline, and knees.

Given this, make sure that you do aerobic and cardio workouts, lower your carbohydrate intake in order to burn those extra fat pockets in the skin. It would also help if you want some nutritional supplements like green tea extract, omega 3, L-carnitine, and of course, water.

These things can help in excess skin removal. So, be sure to do them diligently as such small actions can bring a lot of benefits for you in terms of your weight loss goals.

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