Cutting Mild Steel Round Easily

Cutting mild steel round may sound so complex, but it is actually a pretty simple task to do. You’ll find many different techniques in cutting mild steel round easily. Most of these methods involves a CNC plasma cutter. A computer program controls these machines, enabling them to cut more efficiently and accurately. You can choose from the following methods:

Cutting Mild Steel Round Easily

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a method of cutting steel with the use of pressurized water, which is about 33,000 – 75,000 PSI. This extreme water pressure contains abrasives, usually garnet, and a combination of other rocks. This combination makes waterjet technology a very efficient way to cut steel and metal smoothly and with superior precision. Waterjet can cut through metal that is about six inches thick. It can even cut through ceramic, which is a very delicate material. Waterjet cutting is also the most environmentally sound method of cutting, as it only uses water.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma is classified as the fourth state of matter. Plasma cutting uses extreme temperature to generate electricity and cut through the metal. Using a combination of gases and electricity, the extreme heat melts the metal in smaller particles, cutting the metal. Plasma cutting machine can cut even the thickest metals. It is also perhaps the quickest cutting method for steel and metal.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is another popular metal cutting method that uses ultraviolet light. With the UV light, the metal vaporizes. As a result, it cuts effectively. Laser is quite a contemporary method of cutting, which can allow about 0.0005 inches at a time. This technology is extremely fast with high precise. Laser cutting is popularly known as the most professional cutting method for steel flat and other metal products that are very thin. Laser cutting is the perfect method to use when doing an intricate design on metal or steel, such as decorating. This method is ideal for this kind of job because of its precision and accuracy. Combining gases and electricity makes laser a very powerful cutting tool. You will find some very powerful lasers that can cut through metal or steel with a thickness of 1.35 inches.


All of the above-mentioned cutting methods are efficient in cutting steel and metal. Each of the method has its own benefits and possibly drawbacks. The right method for you is the cutting method that you need for your operation based on the type of steel or whatever material you are trying to cut. For metals that with the thickness of about 1 inch or less, laser cutting would be the ideal method. Cutting less tolerant materials would be great with the waterjet cutting method. For very thick type of steel or metal, plasma cutting is the perfect method to use.

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