hospital flooring

Carpets for Hospital Flooring: Factors to Consider

Hospital flooring needs to be hygienic, especially with the great amount it has with different diseases, germs, and bacteria. The kind of flooring in hospital settings is very important, not only for aesthetics purposes but most of all, to ensure the safety of everyone. Although the floor is not really considered as a hygienic area, there is no other choice since it needs to prevent illnesses from spreading throughout the facility.

One of the most common types of flooring materials used in hospitals is carpets. These are helpful in preventing slip and fall accidents. At the same time, they feel good under the foot and are helpful in giving insulation during cold weather. These and more make carpets a popular choice in hospitals. Here are some factors to consider when planning to use carpets for hospitals.

hospital flooring

Hospital Flooring: Areas to Cover

It is important to note that not every area in the hospital will be suitable. For instance, emergency rooms, operating rooms, and other areas where spills are common are better-kept carpet-free. But there are also specialist floor covers for these specific areas. Instead, carpets for hospitals are great for areas like offices, staff rooms, and waiting rooms.

Ease of Cleaning

When carpets are used in hospitals, they should be the types that are easy to clean. Spills are common in hospitals like bodily fluids, blood, medicine, and food. The carpet should be cleaned well regularly. It is also important to choose a professional floor cover that can withstand different situations.

Design of the Carpet

In areas like offices, the carpet design may not be that important. But in the rooms of patients, you need to choose a design that is calming and soothing enough so it adds to the ambience of the room, giving patients a better stay.

Low Resistance

When choosing a solution for the facility, a thick plush is not very ideal. Carpets for hospitals should be thin so they enable wheelchairs and trolleys to move around easily.

Tiles or Rolled

When selecting a carpet, you may want to consider tiles instead of rolled carpets. There are different reasons for such as they are a lot easier to install. At the same time, it is easier to replace small sections and does not require a lot of maintenance as rolled carpets. Aside from this, if a part of the carpets becomes stained, you just have to replace the single tile, instead of the entire carpet. Such makes it a cost-friendly solution.

Factors to Consider with Hospital Carpets

Selecting the right carpet for the hospital takes careful consideration. If you happen to choose the wrong one, you may end up wasting money and discovering that they do not really last for a long time. Always opt for the one from a reliable manufacturer and consider the points above to find the most suitable carpet.

Having the right knowledge on the best type of flooring to be used for specific environments is very helpful to ensure the safety of everyone. Click here to find out more about the other types of materials to be used for flooring needs. 

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