Avoid Health Hazards with Laird Mobile Antennas

There has been a lot of buzz about how cellphone antennas can be harmful to the health of people. This is due to the high volume of electromagnetic waves that are concentrated on the antenna when placing and receiving calls. The risk is then aggravated by cellphone manufacturers who are putting the internal antennas close to the earpiece. In this case, the kind of antenna they choose matters a lot. It is important to choose high-quality ones like laird mobile antennas.

Basically, mobile phones are radio sets. This means that they emit radio signals that could penetrate the body and eventually cause harm to it. This has led to several commissions on the study regarding the effect of mobile phones in the human body and one of the most pronounced is The Stewart Report.

Avoid Health Hazards with Laird Mobile Antennas
Little boy using mobile phone

The Stewart Report

The report suggested that radio waves do penetrate the body coming from mobile antennas. It is recommended that kids who, definitely have softer skulls, should be more careful and use phones sparingly.

Furthermore, the report states that brain cells of the kids are not yet fully developed compared to that of adults, thus, they are at a bigger risk as they get to absorb the radiation more than adult’s fully hardened skulls.

Mitigate the Risks

Although these hazards may actually exist, especially that such devices have become a part of our everyday lives, the good thing is the fact that cellphones today have come a long way. This means that most of them employ high-technologies and make use of high-quality antennas like laird mobile antennas that can make a great difference in user-experience.

Aside from this, it will also be helpful if we try to be more responsible in using mobile phones. We can stay away from using them for a long time. Also, we can adopt some habits that will help mitigate the effects of radiation.

Keep in Mind

Especially for kids, they should not be exposed to using cellphones or taking calls for a long time. Instead, they can make use of landlines so the length of contact with radiation (from mobile phones) is minimized.

Another thing, consumers should also purchase phones that have SAR or specific absorption rate. As much as possible, cellphones should be kept away from the body. They can be placed in a bag or purse and should only be brought in contact with the body when necessary.

When taking calls, conversations should be kept short. If possible, send text messages instead of calls so there will be lesser contact with the body, especially in the skull area.

You should also switch the use of the phone between both ears so one area will not absorb all the radiation all the time. Radiation is always at its highest when the phone is trying to connect. Therefore, be sure to keep your phone away from your skull until it has fully connected.

Weak signal is likely to result in higher levels of radiation, so be sure that you avoid making calls in places where the reception is poor. Find out here some of the best mobile antennas available today. When the reception is poor, the device will try to boost its power to acquire connections, which results in more radiation which causes health hazards. Adopting these helpful habits can greatly help lessen the risks that technology brings to mankind.

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