5 Reasons Why Opt for Bunded Tanks for Your Fuel

Storing of fuels and corrosive acids is hazardous, thus the need for bunded tanks. Given their hazardous nature, it is important to take precautions and solutions should be employed in order to maximize safety. This makes a bunded tank the best tool for the task and here are the reasons why.


Why Bunded Tanks are the Best System?

Good for the Environment

We are now in the age of increased environmental awareness. Almost everything we have now, from household appliances to cars are designed with environment in mind. A bunded tank provides double layer which means that the fuel that will be stored in it would have to break through two protective layers instead of just one before it can escape and create problems. In case of a leakage, its secondary layer provides enough time so the situation will be rectified without causing environmental issues.


Large Storage Capacity

A steel bunded tank, compared to plastic counterparts has an excellent storage capacity. In fact, it is capable of storing up to 120, 000 liters in just a single fuel tank system. Also, it has a flexible design allowing you to tailor the system as little or as much, depending on what the application requires- offering you a great custom solution.


Long Lasting and Durable

This kind of tank system is made using the best materials. It is also specifically designed to withstand different weather conditions. Being able to resist external corrosion can help extend its lifespan. With such long-standing durability, it will not only ensure that the fuel will be safely stored, but it won’t be causing any damage to the premises, site, workforce. It can even help you save money in the long run.


Keeps the Fuel Safe and Secure

The majority of fuels that are stored for industrial and commercial purposes comes with very high monetary value. Given this, as much as possible, companies would like to discourage and prevent attempts to steal them. With a steel bunded tank system, you can be confident with its ultimate security as it is made from tough materials that cannot be forced or drilled easily. This ensures that your investment is worth it.


Health and Safety Regulations

Industrial and commercial tank users are required to have a secondary containment capability in place. This will ensure that in case of any leakage, the stored fuel will not make it to the outside world where they can potentially mix with water. A bunded tank is the ideal tool to have that meets these requirements.

In any industry, safety should always be a top priority. This is why it’s a must to invest in tools, equipment, and trainings that will ensure that everyone can come to and leave the workplace safely.