3D Scanner: The Big Role It Plays in Industrial Environments

It seems like there is no dull moment when it comes to technology, especially since when a 3D scanner has been around. We love the reality that everything around us is constantly changing, making this world a more progressive one by enhancing the functionalities in our daily lives. Today, with computers being staple in the society, it’s not anymore surprising to see how much impact they have made in our lives. Although it was the printers that took computers to a whole new level, scanners are now making a big name in the market and in industrial environments.


3D Scanner in Industrial Environment

Although 3D systems are now available for scanners, it’s important to note that not all of them are created equal. One thing that you need to consider when choosing a scanner is the kind of environment where it will play a role.


Its Benefits in Industrial Environments

Easy To use

In the majority of industrial manufacturing environments, there is still a great availability for manpower in the form of technicians and operators. Scientific and engineering are costly and becoming less available. Good thing that three-dimensional scanners are now available. When it’s time for rapid inspections, these functions should be designed in.

Since they are designed for such type of environment, they are easy to use and accessible. It will only take a day or two to train an operator on how to set the scan parameters. When it’s complete, almost anyone can use it by simply pressing a button to scan.


Inspection speed is of great importance, thus it’s not a good idea to move the process to another room. Aside from being easy to use, scanners in 3D printing form are designed to be used by multiple users. Compared to other scientific instruments, these are not highly-sensitive. This is a type of product that is intended for industrial use.

Speed and Efficiency

The high demand for such type of scanner in the industrial industry must be due to the following reasons:

Fast- It has now become possible to capture data points with lasers. The complete geometry of a part can be quickly captured, thus enabling a new and highly-performing replacement product.

Can handle complex shapes- Curves and even multiple features are not a problem when it comes to three-dimensional laser scanners. The complex dimensions can be scanned easily, saving more time and avoiding higher costs.

Saves Time and Money- With such scanner, one can save hours, or even days of measurement/inspection. This results in parts that are better-performing that can reduce manufacturing errors and costs.

Indeed, all thanks to the new technology that we such useful and efficient scanner in our lives today. This does not only make us more productive but makes our work so much faster and easier.