3D Printing Australia and what You Should Know about It

For sure you have heard about 3D printing. Today, it is among the most fascinating concepts ever made which causes ripples in different industries- from manufacturing to health to film industries. With this technology, it becomes possible to learn almost anything. In Australia, 3D printing has become a huge asset in many industries and it has greatly change how businesses do their work by achieving better results. If you want to know more about this technology, read on below.

Its History Goes Back in the 1980s

Not many people may know it but the concept has actually started so many years ago. In fact, 3D printing emerged back in the 1980s. It was a process that involved the solidification of photopolymers to make 3-dimension parts in layers with the use of UV lasers.

Transforming the Film Industry

3D technology has been changing fortunes in movie industry.

As years gone by, creating props required a considerable amount of time, money, and skills, among other resources. But with three-dimensional printing, making and recreating props has been so much faster, cheaper, and easier. The technology is even used in the most popular movies today.


Production of Ready-Pieces

Many years back, the technology was used to produce prototypes. And today, so many big companies make use of rapid prototyping in order to minimize the cost of production. Companies also start creating finished products with the use of 3D printing. Moreover, designers across the globe are discovering that they can bring life to their creations by embracing the technology.

Reduces Cost of Production

Since 3D printing makes things so much easier, one can setup and run operations with only a few machines and equipment. In addition, orders could be printed on demand. Compared to traditional modes of production, three-dimensional printing only causes very little waste or none at all. It also consumer lesser energy and just need a few employees.

3d printer

Print Using Ceramics, Wood, Titanium, etc.

This is among the most amazing facts about 3D printing. Since the concept emerged, the range or materials that can be used for printing has greatly increased. At present, three-dimensional printing can be done using ceramics, gold, plastic, titanium, wood, silver, among other materials. One can take advantage of the technology by finding a reputable company in Australia that offers 3D printing services.

In contrast to what many people think, the concept of 3D printing is not that simple. In fact, it has an amazing potential to offer the world. However, it may also have some consequences. There have been some moral and ethical concerns that all stakeholders should always consider. But one thing is for sure, that 3D printing has been and will always be a major game-changer across different industries.


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